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The decoration of the new house is free in design, but it is also uncertain. Most owners will look at the decoration of others' houses before decorating their own houses, and want to provide some reference for themselves to make their new home more in line with their expectations. Recently, the owners of liantai Xiangyu waterfront have been distressed and don't know how to decorate their 3 rooms and 1 hall. Today's editor has sorted out a European decoration effect drawing of liantai Xiangyu waterfront 3 rooms and 1 hall, Come and have a look

the meticulously arranged space is full of sceneries, which makes the bookcase wall of the restaurant integrate into one of the end sceneries of the living room, making the style of the overall space more complete

with white as the keynote, the open design is adopted, and the ceiling is decorated with blue wood, echoing the bookcase design of the restaurant

after reducing the pattern of one room, the master bedroom has extra space to plan the dressing room and set up storage cabinets. The white TV wall is the door of the wardrobe

the half height sofa and low wall create a transparent effect, connecting the living room and dining room space, and creating an open feeling under sufficient lighting

this set of decoration makes Xiaobian very excited. I don't know if it also moves you? In fact, find a reliable designer for decoration and tell him about your ideas. The installed house will certainly hit your heart, so hurry to the bidding platform to choose a reliable decoration company





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