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Furniture such as sofa with simple and exquisite shape has laid the tone of modern simple style and fashion in the home. The charm of exquisite chandeliers is infinite. The unique design highlights the elegant aesthetic taste and high-quality life pursuit of designers and homeowners... Magnificent house, irresistible trend charm

decoration owner's files:

decoration community: Ziyu mansion (more decoration renderings of Ziyu mansion) decoration bidding, decoration map house type: two rooms and two halls decoration method: half package decoration style: modern simple style contract amount: 50000

white ceiling, white background wall, white floor, pure white first laid a refreshing and comfortable tone of the space; The large chandelier with blue and white porcelain pattern on the ceiling is exquisite and elegant, which forms a unified and harmonious beauty with the floor lamps on both sides of the sofa. It can be described as a major decorative highlight of this modern simple style living room; The gorgeous flowers on the sofa background wall are blooming, presenting a scene of flowers; Simple but classy fabric sofa, painted glass tea table and black and white carpet, simple elements have become a very good ornament for this fashionable home, and the comfortable sitting feeling brings people endless satisfaction

the restaurant and the living room are located on the same parallel line. The open design makes the whole space appear transparent and bright, and the restaurant continues the design method of the modern simple style of the living room. The white dining table and chair shape is simple and exquisite, showing the charm of fashion, while rendering an elegant and romantic dining style, which feels very good. The rectangular chandelier on the ceiling is particularly exquisite and magnificent, which can be described as a big stroke of home decoration design. In addition, the glass shelf in the restaurant background is also very good, beautiful and practical

under the dim yellow light, the log colored solid wood emits a leisurely light. Good wine is treasured on the iron frame on the wall. Sitting on a high chair and tasting a cup of good wine will forget all unhappiness. Sometimes you can invite friends to come home and mix a glass of wine with your friends in person

the simple bedroom decoration is highlighting the characteristics of modern simple style. The design and decoration are simple without losing the beauty of fashion and elegance. The space is mainly white, which makes people feel clean and fresh as a whole; The light gray double bed is atmospheric and comfortable; The lamp on the bedside table is elegant, graceful and quite classical; The sliding door wardrobe with baking paint at the end of the bed has become the best space for clothes storage; Floating windows bring people infinite comfort. If you feel monotonous on the wall, use oneortwo decorative paintings to decorate it, and the effect will be very good

[introduction to ziyugongguan community]: Zhuyeshan group made great efforts to build an access network by sitting on the first development trunk road - Avenue, metro lines 3 and 8, Zhuyeshan interchange, Xingye Road, Houhu Avenue, Fazhan Avenue, Huangpu Avenue, etc., and more than 10 bus lines such as 516, 543, 592, 621, 532, 575, 706, etc. pass through the community to quickly connect the three towns

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