Timely cleaning of kitchen hidden dangers in summe

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In summer, troubles come one after another in the kitchen. High temperature has a certain impact on kitchen appliances. As a commonly used integrated stove, we should pay attention to cleaning at ordinary times, and clean the oil stains in the panel and inner cavity in time, so as not to affect its smoke exhaust effect, but also to prevent hidden dangers caused by high temperature. Normal use and maintenance of integrated stoves at home are important to the health of family members. Therefore, next, Cohen editor will join you to further understand the details of maintaining integrated stoves in summer

when cleaning and maintaining the integrated stove, it is forbidden to clean the integrated stove with alcohol, banana water, gasoline and other flammable solvents to prevent high-temperature fire accidents in summer. In the process of cleaning the integrated cooker, we should unplug the power supply first, take down the oil collecting box first, pour out the oil stain in the box, and clean it; Then open the smoke baffle of the integrated stove and clean it. The solidified oil stains outside the flue can be scraped off with hard flakes. When cleaning the flue inside the integrated stove, spray detergent around. After twoorthree minutes, plug in the power supply and let the motor of the integrated stove run. At this time, oil stains and dirty water can be seen flowing out together. Repeat the spraying until the dirty water flowing out becomes clear. The cleaning is completed by installing the cleaned smoke deflector and oil collecting box. The surface of the whole machine can be wiped clean with a rag after each use

when using the integrated cooker, we should keep the air circulation in the kitchen, so as to prevent the negative pressure of the air in the kitchen and ensure the suction and discharge capacity of the integrated cooker. In order to avoid the occurrence of excessive noise or vibration, oil dripping, oil leakage, etc. of the integrated cooker, we should regularly clean the integrated cooker to avoid excessive oil sticking on the surface of the motor, turbine and the integrated cooker, resulting in the loss of the service life of the integrated cooker





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