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The overall wardrobe has only entered China for about ten years, and it has only begun to develop rapidly in the past two years. In the industry competition, in addition to the market competition of the first tier cities, big brands such as Deville have slowly extended to the second and third tier cities. Why can the upsurge of joining wardrobe migrate from big cities to small cities? And what kind of advantages does Deville rely on to maintain full momentum on the road of joining the wardrobe

from the perspective of the market, consumer groups in large cities began to generally accept the overall wardrobe in furniture consumption, and when it began to become popular, these trends gradually spread to second and third tier cities. When choosing franchised brands, big cities have huge costs in terms of store opening, decoration, promotion and peer competition. Among them, many people of insight have taken a fancy to the market with great potential in the future of small cities, and joined Deville to open up territory in small cities

from the perspective of wardrobe brands, brands like Deville have introduced the world's top automatic intelligent equipment such as film covering and blank pressing in Germany, Italy and other countries with their development in the past 11 years. The hard power of enterprises has always been at the forefront of the industry, which has become the reason for the majority of wardrobe franchisees to choose Deville

if in the past and now, dewell's strong production strength, unique original products, environmentally friendly and healthy formaldehyde free materials, replicable marketing model, intimate franchise policy and other advantages have attracted the majority of investors and entrepreneurs to join, then what advantages does dewell rely on to maintain strong competitiveness in the wardrobe in the future? The answer is the Internet. Deville's mature cloud shopping guide system can quickly place orders in terminal stores and firmly grasp user information. The one-stop bag check-in o2o platform built in the future extends the brand's tentacles to broader terminals, not just stores, not only in the field of customized wardrobe, but also in the experience of whole house customization, system pricing and so on, You can enjoy the services of dewell at any time on the electronic devices that can be connected to the Internet, bringing a continuous flow of traffic and resources to franchisees, and becoming the most powerful support and backing of franchisees

there are many wardrobe brands in the market, but few brands like Deville can grasp the current situation and constantly explore and innovate. Joining Deville is full of momentum

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