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Established in 2008, yimeide specializes in providing customized services for aluminum alloy doors and windows and sunshine rooms for high-end residences. Yimeide introduces advanced production equipment, employs German experts as the chief designer, and designs and processes according to German standards.

yimeide reported good news again. The owner from Guangdong Zhongshan personally paid a cash deposit of 100000 yuan to the company, a full 100000 yuan

Mr. Chen is the owner of a villa in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province. The villa is under construction. Naturally, doors and windows are indispensable decoration supplies, but which brand of door

window is good

Mr. Chen was a little confused at the beginning. After being recommended by his friends, Mr. Chen learned that the imede door window has a good Monument and rich experience, and the project cases have been spread all over the country, so he contacted the imede headquarters. The imede headquarters immediately sent people to the site for on-site communication, carefully understood each detailed section of the project and designed a plan. This kind of careful and thoughtful pre-sales service made Mr. Chen very happy, Mr. Chen then arrived at the headquarters on July 2 to visit

President Chen was deeply impressed by the hot production and shipping scenes, the serious working attitude of employees, advanced equipment and the enthusiastic attitude of company personnel, and he paid a cash deposit of 100000 yuan on the spot. The project is officially started

▲ the owner, Mr. Chen (second from the right), paid a deposit of 100000 yuan

after receiving the deposit, yimeide immediately carried out the work according to the already planned process to ensure that the owner was assured and satisfied

a model of German doors and windows, imede was founded in 2008, specializing in providing customized services for aluminum alloy doors and windows and sunshine houses for high-end residential buildings. Imede introduced advanced production equipment, hired German experts as the chief designer, and designed and processed according to German standards. The company has been rated as "ten major brands in China's aluminum alloy door and window industry" and "green environmental protection products" for many times, "Quality, service, credit AAA products" and many other awards, participated in the Shanghai and Guangzhou

Construction Expo for many years in a row, and invested a huge amount of money to strongly display and broadcast advertisements on major high-speed rail sites across the country

Imade doors and windows are designed and processed according to German standards. The wall thickness of the profile of its window products reaches 1.4mm, and the performance of the profile reaches the national 6063 aluminum alloy

gold standard, with good mechanical properties

Imade has established a long-term cooperative relationship with internationally renowned door and window hardware accessories manufacturers such as hobo and siglia in Germany, and adopts German high-quality hardware


Emmet door and window engineering cases are all over the country, with Emmet brand stores in more than 30 provinces and nearly 100 cities across the country

ulantuya signed a contract with yimeide doors and windows in April 2017 and became the spokesperson of yimeide brand. Ulantuya's singing is bold and beautiful. Its grassland folk songs have beautiful melody. Combined with fashionable music, it has created a new generation of grassland folk songs. It is a generation of grassland singers with international influence and deeply loved by the people

● the elite team of yimeide doors and windows launched the fourth cattle business competition to expand unlimited potential

● choose the right starting point, and there are unlimited business opportunities. Yimeide doors and windows invites you to open the door of wealth

● yimeide doors and windows will go to the next city, sign a contract in Shizhu County, Chongqing, and establish a franchise store

● the aluminum alloy doors and windows project of a large villa garden in Hunan has started, which will be supplied by yimeide

● Indian businessmen organized a group to visit the imede doors and windows

● Palau, a small island country in the Pacific Ocean, was "captured" by the imede doors and windows

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