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According to Mr. Liu of Anshan vision decoration, concealed works are buried on the wall and underground, and once there is a problem, it will be a big trouble, so this part of the project is the top priority of the acceptance

step 1: concealed works. According to Mr. Liu of Anshan vision decoration, concealed works are buried on the wall and underground, and once there is a problem, it will be a big trouble, so this part of the project is the top priority of the acceptance

according to Mr. Liu, concealed works mainly include wires and piping, and the key to acceptance is to see whether the pipeline is “ Horizontal and vertical ”. The principle of horizontal and vertical laying of pipelines is not only conducive to beauty, but also easy to find the trend law of pipelines in case of problems after decoration. During the acceptance of concealed works, we should also see whether the materials actually used are consistent with the budgeted materials. There are signs on the outside of the brand pipeline, as long as we see whether the signs are the brands we require

when checking and accepting wires, we should not only check whether the wire material meets the requirements, but also check the “ Sheath wire &rdquo Whether the protection of plastic pipes is complete, because these are the necessary coats to protect the wires, which can play the role of maintaining the safety of the lines, prevent the wires from being squeezed during the decoration process and cause leakage, flashback, short circuit and other problems, and also ensure the safety of future use. When checking the circuit, you should also prepare electric measuring gadgets and check whether the switch is firmly installed. If it is loose, tighten it as soon as possible or replace it

when accepting concealed sewer lines, pay attention to whether a certain inclination angle is formed between the horizontal pipe and the riser. If not, it may affect the smooth flow of water. In addition, you should turn on each faucet to drain water, check whether the water supply and drainage is normal, and check whether there is water leakage during frequent use, and then wrap the joint of the water pipe with toilet paper to see if there is water leakage. In addition, the concealed works also include bathroom waterproofing. Before pasting the bathroom floor tiles, water should be stored on the hot waterproof surface for 24 hours, and the floor tiles can be paved only after confirming that there is no leakage

step 2: bricklaying. Mr. Tang, the person in charge of a decoration company, said that at present, the bricklaying work of home interior decoration is mainly to find “ Horizon &rdquo

from the perspective of aesthetics, when accepting ceramic tiles, you should use your eyes to see whether the seams on the four sides of the tiles are even, and touch with your hands to see whether the intersection of the four corners of the four tiles is flat, if not “ Block hands ” Generally, there is no problem. From a practical point of view, when checking and accepting ceramic tiles, you should knock and listen with your hands to see whether there is air under the ceramic tiles. If there is air under the ceramic tiles, later when installing mirrors, water heaters, etc. to drill holes on the ceramic tile wall, the ceramic tiles are easy to crack or even fall off. However, some large ceramic tiles, such as 600mm× Ceramic tiles above 600mm may be “ Ladle dish ”, This kind of ceramic tile must be uneven, so customers should be careful when choosing ceramic tiles to avoid problems

nowadays, many families choose composite floors for decoration, and the ground of rough houses is difficult to achieve absolute flatness, so you need to find “ Horizon ”. The customer is accepting “ Horizon ” When, just borrow the level ruler of the construction personnel to measure it, because the ruler will not deceive people. In addition, the tiles on the bathroom floor should form a certain slope without affecting the beauty, otherwise it will affect the drainage of the bathroom floor

step 3: carpentry. With the popularity of the trend of emphasizing decoration over decoration, the proportion of woodwork in home decoration is gradually decreasing, but such as doorways, windows, shed corners, “ Skirting line &rdquo Wood flooring is still widely used. However, the acceptance of woodwork is relatively simple, which can generally be solved with the naked eye. Just look at whether the wooden lines at the door, window, hanging shed and so on are horizontal and vertical

if the cabinet is made of wood, in addition to checking whether the door is tight, the veneer material should be used to check whether the veneer is pasted smoothly and firmly, whether there is degumming, and whether the corners are warped. In addition, it also depends on whether the two panels of the decorative panel are inverted at an angle of 45 degrees. If not, it will affect the effect of woodworking after oiling. This is more important if you are going to use wood natural color paint

if the wooden floor is paved, first measure whether it is horizontal with a level ruler, and then check whether the surface of the wooden floor is clean and smooth, and whether there are gouges, stubbles, burrs and other phenomena. Walk back and forth on the floor and listen for “ Creak ” The sound, if any, indicates that the wooden edges are not firm. In addition, a certain distance should be left between each wooden floor, and 8mm to 10mm expansion joints should also be left between the floor and the wall

step 4: oil workers know. Oil workers and Dabai are the last step of decoration, and they are also face saving. The quality will directly affect the beauty of home decoration. It is best to check the oil work during the day, mainly to see whether the paint is evenly colored, whether there are cracks or “ Orange peel ” If cracks are caused by excessive indoor air humidity or wet wood in the later stage, please ask the decoration company to repair them in time. It is best to choose the night when checking the whiteness of the wall. First, it depends on whether the internal and external corners of the wall are vertical. Second, it depends on whether there are waves and shadows on the wall when the light is turned on. If there are, it indicates that the wall is uneven

in addition, some necessary tools must be prepared for decoration acceptance, such as flashlight, to detect whether there is garbage and whether the air vents and empty pipelines are unblocked; Mirror, through reflection, check the places out of sight; Toilet paper, used to check whether there is water leakage; Small hammer, used to knock the wall and ceramic tile surface to check whether there is any gap inside; A screwdriver is used to check whether the screws are tightened where there are screws





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