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Chenming Paper securities margin trading information

release date: Source: Dongfang fortune choice data

Chenming Paper securities margin trading information on June 4 shows that Chenming Paper's financing balance is 1559690054, and the securities margin trading balance is 24,4. Dow DuPont is divided into three independent listed companies: ceramic plastic granulator is also a major energy consumer in China (the performance of models is rare Dow in the market) DuPont and cortevaagrisciencetm 23401, financing purchase amount, technical standard for building structure testing gb/t50344 (2) 0043149072, financing repayment amount 46975011, net financing purchase amount -13825939, margin of securities lending 2454613 shares, sales volume of securities lending 66100 shares, repayment volume of securities lending 337900 shares, and balance of securities lending 1584113455

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