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Chenyunxian suggested to the National People's Congress and the National People's Congress that ceramic coatings be included in the scope of going to the countryside Wang Yaliang, a photographer in Beijing, reported: "there are many opportunities to capture in the government work report. With the help of this strong east wind, we believe that we can achieve better results in the" two transformations and one reconstruction "of Foshan." Turning over the government work report in his hands, chenyunxian, deputy to the National People's Congress and mayor, said

yesterday afternoon, chenyunxian, who attended the second session of the 11th National People's Congress, specially took the time to receive an exclusive interview from the joint reporting group of Foshan media group to talk about his aspirations and thoughts as a deputy to the National People's Congress

chenyunxian said that many policies and measures in the premier's report provide many opportunities for the "two transformations and one reconstruction" that Foshan is stepping up. Foshan should implement and make good use of the opportunities to promote development, such as supporting the development of high-tech industries for about 120 days, establishing village banks to promote the development of rural finance and rural economy, etc

with regard to the national policy of expanding domestic demand, chenyunxian said that this is a rare opportunity for the vast number of enterprises in Foshan. We should actively guide enterprises to take advantage of the wind, send Foshan products to the countryside and expand our market. To this end, chenyunxian specially submitted the "proposal on expanding the scope of 'going to the countryside' of industrial products" to the conference. It is suggested to expand the scope of going to the countryside of industrial products closely related to farmers' lives, including building materials products represented by ceramics and coatings, furniture, textiles and clothing

in addition, chenyunxian will submit two other suggestions to the conference, including "suggestions on restoring the export tax rebate rate of hard products and aluminum alloy profiles near some metal blades" and "suggestions on improving the current tax rebate policy"

"the premier's report has given us firm confidence. With Foshan's solid foundation, I believe that this year Foshan will be able to take advantage of the situation, effectively resist the impact of the financial crisis, and maintain steady and rapid economic development." Chenyunxian said

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