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Recently, the "environmental protection consumption campaign of 100 brand home stores nationwide" jointly initiated by the China Consumer Association, the environmental certification center of the Ministry of environmental protection and the China green home professional committee kicked off in Beijing

at present, many people are decorating their houses. Are you dazzled by the numerous building materials

which brand do you choose? The prices of each house vary greatly. Some solid wood floors of the same tree species are only 100 ~ 200 yuan per square meter, and some sell for 900 ~ 1000 yuan/square meter. Businesses say they are good. Businesses with high prices say that their raw materials are imported with original packaging from abroad, while businesses with low prices say that their prices can be hit to the lowest. Which is good and which is genuine is really a little dazzling

let's see the certification! However, among these certification plates and certificates, in addition to the national inspection free products and quality management system certification, there are also some famous best-selling brands in China, such as China's top ten safety standard wood flooring, antibacterial and waterproof authoritative certification for 15 years. Which of these various certifications are authentic? You really have to check the information to know the authenticity

looking at the signs, many businesses have wooden floors with foreign names. In a wooden floor shop on Huxin street, there are South American elm, Austrian white oak, French Rose oak, Brazilian sandalwood These wooden floors have something to do with several countries. I'm not a professional, and I really don't know how to distinguish

in the face of various current situations in the wood floor market, a senior account manager revealed to reporters the 'greasy' in it

greasy 1: sell dog meat by hanging sheep's head

dealers change labels in pursuit of high profits, deliberately referring to low-grade solid wood materials as high-grade precious wood materials. Consumers like a high-priced floor, but other low-priced floors are delivered to the door for installation. This situation is not rare. Many businesses will find ways to make some articles here, which is absolutely invisible to non experts. The most common is a kind of floor commonly known as green handle mulberry, which is sold as African jade sandalwood. With this label, the price can be more than 200 yuan/square meter invisibly. It is not a small amount to decorate a house

in addition, for the same kind of wood, due to natural factors such as sunshine surface, soil, irrigation, etc., it is normal for the wood to have color difference, and large manufacturers often screen and grade the materials. The grade standard of flooring stipulated by the state is divided into three categories: excellent products, first-class products and qualified products. The price varies with different grades. Generally, for the same wood species, the price difference of different grades is between 50 and 100 yuan. Some merchants deliberately confuse the product grade, cover up the shortage of wood by coloring, and shoddy

tips: recognize the wood seed is the key, then investigate the market price, compare the goods, and try to save unnecessary trouble. Regular manufacturers must mark the tree species, common name, origin, etc. on the wooden floor

tricky 2: concept deception

the surface is bright, and the following is graphic paper, which is bonded together

dealers deceive consumers when they see consumers who don't understand. The surface is solid wood noodles, and one square meter can be sold for an extra 340 yuan. In fact, this kind of shiny surface is easy to fall off once it is damp

tips: the color difference can be seen on the solid wood surface, with natural texture, while the glossy surface has high gloss and average texture

catchy 3: commonly known as confusion

the current market name is very chaotic. Businesses can call anything they like. It is very common to call products big and small

consumers were full of joy and thought they had bought cheap balsam pigeonpeas, but they got two winged beans

tips: tree species are the key to determine value. Take mahogany as an example. Most of the mahogany flooring is commonly known as red sandalwood, red sandalwood or rosewood in the market. There is a big price difference between different wood species

greasy 4: certification illusion

insiders revealed that as long as they are willing to spend money, there are all kinds of brands. Many unknown brands are likely to be bought, or even temporarily made by merchants themselves in signboards

support: whether it is authentic or not depends on whether the certification unit is authoritative. Formal certification will be registered on the website of relevant departments. Consumers should check before buying to avoid being cheated. For example, "national inspection free products" and "Chinese famous products" should be issued by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, the China Environmental Protection Administration issued the "ten ring" green product certification, and the "China well-known trademark" should be issued by the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board of the State Administration of public commerce or recognized through court cases. In addition, for the flooring industry, the certification and certificate issued by the Flooring Committee of China forest products industry association also have a certain gold content





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