Smart doors and windows are becoming more and more

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Now the door and window company announced that the corresponding products can be as small as intelligent switches, hardware modules, software applications, and as large as all intelligent door and window systems. From high-end to middle-end and low-end, from cities to towns and villages, from luxury to simplicity! This is the key to smart doors and windows, and this is the center

smart doors and windows need to pay attention to skills and know how to promote

once, the sales volume of smart doors and windows also increased, but the attention is not high, which also shows the importance of brand promotion. Not only pay attention to the quality and skills of goods, but also talk about promotion and brand. We need to discuss together how to make the mall start quickly. Don't meditate on skills, because the fragrance of wine is also afraid of the deep alley. Skills and commodities are the guarantee. It depends on the mall to sell well

there are three factors contributing to the low sales of intelligent wooden doors and windows. First, the operation interface is too messy; Second, the operation is difficult; Third, consumers feel that the goods are not fun. Technology should make life more human, not more messy. The development of skills is to better understand the day and people, so forget technology and let technology know the day better

let emotion endow smart commodity values

people usually boast when building brands, but do not explain why they do well. If the salesperson who sells computers only introduces product design, others will think that he is selling rather than promoting. Real persuasion is not a commodity, but emotional values, which should endow users with trust. It is understood that 80% of the decision to buy comes from sensibility rather than rationality. Human nature is the foundation of commodity, promotion and management





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