KFC door filling machine

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KFC door pouring machine hgit glue pouring machine is a special equipment for pouring polyurethane heat insulation glue into heat insulation aluminum profiles

the equipment drives the aluminum profile to move smoothly and uniformly in the specified direction through the hydraulic system, and transmits the components a and B of the thermal insulation glue to the high-speed mixing system through the accurate metering system. After instantaneous mixing, it is injected into the thermal insulation notch of the profile according to the flow to complete the glue injection process

voltage: 380V, total power: 10kW, processing capacity: 5-48m/min (depending on the geometry of the notch)

performance parameters and configuration of KFC door infusion machine:

1 Voltage: 380V, total power: 10kw

2 Processing capacity: 5-48m/min (depending on notch geometry)

3 Liquid level display function and low liquid level alarm function

4 A. B material barrel 120L, heating constant temperature independent control

5 With automatic exhaust function

6 The mixing head has automatic cleaning function

7 Mixing head high-speed servo motor mixing, speed visual display, and low speed reminder function to ensure uniform mixing

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