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Taiwan, China, China: positive factors for the chemical fiber industry appear

the international cotton price has soared and plummeted. The industry pointed out that the recent cotton price return document can alleviate the worries and tensions of downstream customers and help the order negotiation in the new quarter

in the supply chain of the industry, both companies and customers adopt a long-term cooperative model of mutual trust. If only one party makes profits, it is feared that there will be a situation of "fat at the top and thin at the bottom", which will be detrimental to both upstream and downstream in the long run. As long as the demand of emerging markets such as central and South America, India and China continues to grow, we do not worry about the foam phenomenon of orders

the recent influx of international hot money in international cotton, coupled with poor harvest and insufficient market supply, has led to a sustained surge in prices. Although the upstream chemical fiber plants are actively transferring the price of their products, the increase in the price is too alarming. In addition, the increase time is becoming more intensive, and the downstream manufacturers also adopt a cautious attitude in stock preparation. The upstream and downstream of the overall textile industry are in a state of shock rising, shock buying and shock selling

recently, it was reported that the Ministry of Commerce of China would conduct an anti-dumping investigation on caprolactam (CPL) from the European Union, the United States and other places. As CPL is the upstream raw material of nylon chemical fiber, China's move is expected to affect the future operation and related competitiveness of Taiwan's CPL manufacturers and nylon manufacturers

Huang Chengyu, chairman of zhansong, believes that China's CPL self-sufficiency rate has been maintained at about 35% for a long time, and the rest 65% are imported. If the anti-dumping case is established, it will further increase the cost of local nylon manufacturers in China. Therefore, it is expected to drive the benefits of order transfer and turn to Taiwan manufacturers to purchase raw materials, which will be a positive effect for Taiwan nylon manufacturers

with regard to the phenomenon that CPL prices and cotton prices have soared each other this year, huangchengyu believes that, after deducting the factors of artificial speculation, the market demand for CPL cathode materials is very considerable, and the spot price in the Far East region has reached a historical high of US $2880 per ton. It should be that the composite polyurethane adhesive industry is a technology intensive industry. Due to the recent intervention of the Chinese government, it is expected that the price will also be controlled by the appropriate static and dynamic deformation measurement system

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