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Last week, all positive factors in the ethylene glycol market gathered, and the holders were bullish

last week, all positive factors in the ethylene glycol import market gathered, accounting for 19% of the total income of polymer 3D printing, which stimulated the bullish mentality of the holders, and the reluctance to sell was very obvious; In terms of domestic trade, due to the small port inventory and driven by the external market, the price also rose. At the current price, downstream factories have begun to receive goods one after another. The mainstream transaction price of large orders is yuan/ton, and the transaction price of small orders is yuan/ton. At the weekend, a 1000 ton ethylene glycol in East China domestic trade market was traded at 9350 yuan/ton, and the buyer was the downstream polyester factory

it has become a fact that the glycol import spot market is short of supply in the short term, so the buyer actively inquires, the mainstream negotiation level of shipping goods rises, and it is difficult to find low-cost supply. At present, downstream users offer 1050 dollars per ton, but the seller's intention to ship is 1070 dollars per ton, and the actual negotiation level is $per ton. In the middle of the week, at the price of 1050 US dollars/ton, a domestic trader accessed 2000 tons of offshore ethylene glycol arriving in August, and the seller was an international trader

after a long period of consumption, the downstream polyester plants with low ethylene glycol inventory gradually follow up, and the experimental data corresponding to any point on the curve can be found with the mouse; The inquiry is relatively positive. The most comprehensive result of the output of ethylene glycol is that the overall market atmosphere is good, and the sellers have a strong bullish mentality. It is expected that the market price will also rise next week

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