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Positioning the needs of consumers in gift packaging design is the key

[China Packaging News] with the development of society and the improvement of people's living standards, gift packaging design, as an emerging industry, has attracted more and more attention. Just to put it simply, gift packaging design ultimately serves consumers, so the relationship between the positioning of gift packaging design and the needs of consumers is very large. How to position gift packaging design according to the needs of consumers

I. positioning of psychological factors

a very important aspect of successful commodity packaging and decoration design is the use of psychological influence. The only difference between the same product and the same packaging and decoration form lies in the configuration of color, which often leads to different psychological effects and different choices for consumers. For example, some goods are sold to children, but children's products are generally purchased by their parents or elders. Therefore, children's products should not only be attractive to children, but also consider the psychological factors when parents choose goods for their children. At present, when designing some series of goods for children abroad, we take into account the psychology that parents always hope to make their children receive more education through a variety of ways, and we often print some informative and interesting stories on the packaging. Although these contents are not related to the products, they can touch on the parents' psychology of paying attention to the development of children's intelligence

another example is turning to computers and power amplifiers. In the United States, there is a rollin rock company, which produces beer. Since its establishment in 1939, its business has been good. However, after entering the 1980s, the sales volume dropped sharply, and finally had to be sold to the Rabat family. The new owner of the company, johnshapel, a marketing expert, immediately made drastic reforms to the company. One of the measures was to change the shape of beer bottles. He redesigned a kind of green neck bottle and painted it with conspicuous artistic decoration. It looks like hand-painted, which is very eye-catching among many beers, making lorinrock beer not like a popular product, but a noble quality. This kind of bottle is more suitable as a decoration than a package, and many consumers think the beer in this kind of bottle is better to drink. Later, when the sales volume of rollin Rock Beer rose steadily, people asked about the mystery. Shaper replied that the green bottle was the key to establishing our competitive advantage. This is the effect of packaging container modeling and decoration through the psychological factors of consumers

in addition, some words on the packaging can also have considerable psychological effects on consumers. For example, in China's milk powder market, imported milk powder accounts for a large market share. By comparison, it can be found that the words on the package of imported milk powder are very rich, including important matters, precautions, feeding table, disinfection and preparation methods of milk utensils, nutritional data, nutrient content table, production date, plant site, etc. Moreover, the imported milk powder will tell consumers exactly how much milk powder should be mixed with how much boiled water in the packaging instructions. For example, liduojing also clearly points out that using less or more than the specified amount of milk powder will make the baby unable to get proper nutrition or cause dehydration. Do not change the milk concentration without the doctor's advice. However, when some domestic enterprises blindly guide consumers that milk powder can replace breast milk, liduojing wrote in its advertising language: breast milk is the best food for infants. Before you decide to choose a large amount of infant milk powder, you should first listen to the opinions of doctors. This negative attitude is actually the best respect for consumers. As long as yes, all kinds of information about feeding babies with milk powder can be seen on the packaging of imported milk powder. Some people may think this is unnecessary, but it is absolutely useful for young mothers. According to Nestle's survey, all parents who have fed their babies with multi concentrate milk powder have read this series of information on the packaging and taken it very seriously. In fact, these materials are the only motivation that has been guiding young parents to buy their products again. Especially those figures and tables, in the eyes of Chinese people, represent authority and a formal, professional and formal thing. It is these charts and various materials that make young parents trust this product very much and believe that it is of superior quality. After the recent tainted milk powder incident in China, consumers' consumption concept of consumer goods has been greatly improved. Consumers choose not only the outer packaging and the brand image behind it, but also the quality of products, which we trust

seeking novelty, beauty and change is the common psychology of people. In popular words, it is the psychology of pursuing novelty. After people are used to the modern style packaging, they will be interested in the traditional style packaging. Hong Kong and Macao compatriots have always welcomed packaging and decoration with auspicious meanings. Happiness, wealth, longevity and Jubilee are all good forms for them to never tire of. It can be seen that how to grasp consumer psychology has become one of the characteristics of modern commodity packaging and decoration design. Modern food packaging design is to study consumers and consumer psychology. Before the design, all blindness should be avoided, and the design scheme should be formulated from the reality

positioning design is the product of commodity competition. Design is to study how to break through the existing packaging and decoration forms and levels of competitors. If the product packaging with better air permeability highlights the place of origin, and the place of origin is its advantage factor, then you should highlight the advantages of other aspects of the product, especially the characteristics that competitors do not have. This is the focus of the work and the design method for selecting and positioning

positioning has the three aspects mentioned above. In most cases, each package and decoration should highlight a key point, or highlight the trademark, and other contents can be placed on the side or back of the package, or highlight the products or consumers. Because the packaging pictures are limited, it is impossible to cover everything. Too much content is easy to make the pictures crowded. It is better to highlight one aspect, and the effect is stronger and better. The so-called positioning is to highlight the advantages. Of course, it is also a common way to adopt combined positioning according to needs. As we said in the creative idea section, there should still be a tendency to express (positioning) in this case

2. Social class positioning

consumer positioning should consider whether the consumer is male or female; Whether it is children, young people or old people, as well as different cultural accomplishments, different social status, different nationalities, different living habits, different economic conditions, different political and religious beliefs, different psychological needs, different family structures, etc

positioning of the outer packaging -- the image of the outer packaging = the internal quality, the psychological expectation of the consumers, and the actual consumption behavior, which is the successful positioning of the packaging design

China Packaging believes that the gift industry, as a relatively new industry in China, with the development of new science and technology, in order to attract more customers, companies have adopted various promotional means, and gifts have played a great role. Gift giving is also a traditional custom in China since ancient times. The so-called reciprocity requires positioning according to the above contents

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