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From manual to automatic post press processing

short cycle on-demand printing requires efficient post press processing equipment. Binding machines, folding machines and sewing machines that work together are important manifestations of the automation of post press equipment

in order to meet the market requirements of on-demand printing, it is not only easier to install and operate the printing machine. If the corresponding post press field does not get the necessary attention and develop together with the pre press and printing process, it will affect the improvement of the overall printing efficiency

the new demand of the printing market requires the mechanical design concept. The new mechanical design concept requires changing the machine design mode, improving the information technology, and connecting the sewing machine, binding machine and folding machine through the network. The automatic assembly and control technology enables remote management and reduces the workload of operators

jdf came into being. JDF is a data transmission format between one terminal port and another terminal port, which has brought great impact to the printing industry and has been widely accepted. Compared with suppliers of prepress equipment and printing equipment, manufacturers of prepress equipment are not so active in CIP4. However, major manufacturers of prepress equipment such as Wohlenberg, Muller martint and Heidelberg are all important members of CIP4. They are all committed to the realization of perfect JDF goals

jdf's concept is that the parameter information of a magazine, pamphlet, book or album can be preset in the machine during the production stage, which can save production time. The most important thing is that if all parameters are set in advance, it is no longer necessary to re-enter the value, so as to avoid entering wrong data information. The powerful functions and advantages of JDF in the post press field are reflected in the following aspects

customers can know the production status at any time through JDF

jdf is a line scanning, developing and dynamic information. It can centralize the execution information and step information, find data from the control center at any time, and provide customers with the information they need at any time. For example, the production schedule, production plan and cost accounting of printing products have become more accurate. And customers can know the information they need at any time, which makes the relationship between printing enterprises and customers closer

however, to some extent, some functions of JDF can not be fully applied in the field of post press processing combined with other processes. Different companies around the world are frantically trying to add the design concept of JDF to the design concepts of horse riding stitching, paper cutting machine and binding machine

among them, the upfront software of scenic software company has placed a key element in the JDF workflow, which can arrange how the products to be printed are printed on the machine, and how to make the folding machine and binding production line obtain the full page printing data information. In order to integrate the workflow of the upstream and downstream supply chain of printing, the PPF (print production format), that is, the "print production format", has been well applied in the software

paul verwilt of the Belgian Office of scenic software company said: PPE printing production format can be applied in post press equipment such as cutting machine, page analyzing machine and horse riding binding machine. Some of our customers connected upfront software with the amrys control system of martini, and we also connected it with the horse riding binding machine in Heidelberg for testing: We tested it with an American customer, It can be felt that the production time has been significantly shortened

Martini uses the Postpress processing line stored and set by amrys, which is an ideal choice for matching with JDF. When printing enterprises receive repetitive printing tasks such as magazines or books and periodicals in standard format, the system can effectively shorten the preparation time. Especially in short edition printing, the binding line needs to be shut down frequently for preparation. This system can realize automatic fund accumulation. Matiankun believes that when there are more than three task changes in each link, it can be considered that the payment for this facility is very worthwhile

jdf's application in digital printing

in the highly automated digital printing field, Wenzhou Changfeng artificial leather Co., Ltd. often has many different tasks to do within one hour when it fully implements the production of water-based synthetic leather. Therefore, talking about the waste of paper between two printing pieces has become a commonplace issue; Especially in the traditional post press processing production line, it will waste more printed matter to get the final product

how to reduce waste is the concern of many digital printing enterprises at present? The ABS, pmma/abs and pc/abs high gloss spray free materials developed by digital chemical industry have excellent performance on electronic and electrical enclosures. The working process is much less than the waste parts produced on the traditional post press production line, which can minimize the waste. Therefore, it has become one of the urgent needs of the current market and one of the most concerned issues for post press equipment suppliers to concentrate the functions realized by different machines in the traditional post press processing on a digital printing machine so that it can produce brochures, spiral binding books and even soft binding books

it needs a process to break the traditional post press production mode and establish a new post press production mode; In particular, to integrate prepress, printing and Postpress into a unified effective line requires a time transformation process. This means that the digital printer not only needs mature and professional digital printing equipment, but also needs digital post press processing and production equipment that can be matched with the digital printer. Hukeler, a Swiss manufacturer, has been a leader in this field in recent years and has been committed to providing customers with increasingly mature system solutions that can reflect the impact of digital products

before the advent of digital printing, it was almost unnecessary to add automatic control devices to the post press processing system. Because the production cycle was long, there was no power to drive the post press processing to be more efficient. Because there will be some natural errors in the production process of post press processing, we often need to use tools to print 2 Sampling method for mechanical property test of welded joints gb/t 2649 ⑴ after 989, the equipment was slightly adjusted, which must have wasted a lot of time. In order to improve the production efficiency and meet the market demand, it is very important to ensure the integrity of digital printing, especially personalized digital printing. Therefore, it is very important for digital printing to replace the test and error methods with automatic devices to maintain very high accuracy at the beginning of the operation

hunkerler doesn't do all the work by himself. In Japan, horizon and screen company jointly developed the JDF interface between the booklet making machine and the binding machine for prepress and horizon. The i2i program developed by the company has been made into a CIP4 standard interface, so that any department linked machine can be controlled and operated by a general console. Such a skilled operator can start the machine and monitor the overall production process of the printing operation, which can reduce a lot of loading and unloading work. In this way, only one skilled operator is required to control and operate all production equipment, while the unskilled operator can do some common installation and unloading work, which greatly improves the printing efficiency and saves the printing cost

jdf has a wider range of applications

jdf usually represents a complete concept. For example, a fully integrated post press processing production line does not sacrifice a post press processing link. On the contrary, JDF helps customers solve problems by providing a complete post press processing solution

horizon has expanded its traditional core business of small systems to develop systems that apply more large equipment. This means that the company has changed its perspective. The company has begun to produce new equipment systems to challenge the traditional concepts. For example, in the traditional today, how should the binding machine be or how to operate, and what should the binding machine look like now. The impact of this new design concept of post press equipment on the post press department is the same as the impact of CTP technology on the pre press department

advanced post press processing equipment has gradually replaced a large number of manual repetitive operations, which has brought a leap forward in productivity, which has also promoted some printing plants to introduce some post press equipment. The increasing market demand requires the post press equipment to realize automation, because there are relatively many errors in manual operation. In particular, the paper stacker and shrink packaging machine need to reduce manual operation to reduce the number of workshop staff. The most important thing is that the automatic production equipment can ensure that the products can be sent to the next production process in time

Prinect workflow in Heidelberg

many manufacturers can only use their products to correspond to a certain part of the workflow, so they must conduct interoperability tests with products supplied by other companies. Heidelberg has provided a series of all-in-one products from pre press to post press. At present, the focus of the work is to debug the whole line of our products according to the JDF workflow, and then connect and debug with the products of other companies. The situation in this regard has been reported repeatedly

Heidelberg prime yinyide JDF workflow can connect all work, and it can be quickly installed on st400 riding stapler and Stanl folding machine. For the paper cutter, the composite materials processed with natural fibers such as wood, bamboo and crop residues are playing an increasingly important role. If it can be connected to the prime network, the recommended solution is compuut - an unconnected console connected to the paper cutter, and then connected to the prime and Prince MIS applications. These processes are carried out under the control of the post press information system. The system server accesses the data required for the next process, and the required settings are loaded at the same time. All the waste in the work and the number of actual work will be fed back to the MIS to obtain more accurate cost calculation and production control

Heidelberg's st400 subscription king can provide a complete, accurate and complete production process. The st400 subscription king can start working two minutes after receiving the data. Its difference is not only in effectively receiving data, but also in technical design. The riding stapler st400 uses a servo motor to set the moving position and can be driven directly. The digital control frees the riding stapler from the constraints of the drive shaft. At present, this technology is widely used, especially in the application of web printing machine. Other similar technologies can be applied according to needs by using this concept

The Stahl folding machine has gradually adapted to this technology. Its server can repair deformed plates and print thicker paper. The correctness of this concept has been explained, and Heidelberg will extend this concept to other post press processing systems

other thoughts on this application are also very extensive, and this number will continue to grow. It's just that you can find something when you need it. From the perspective of waste reduction, what operators can make is to produce only a single page, and the response of the machine is also very sensitive

obedience is the key

obedience is the key to the development of post press processing technology in the future. Obey the instructions of JDF and short precision

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