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Post press binding technology 1000 questions (751

751. what is a machine cross lock?

answer: a machine cross lock, also known as a jump lock or a twist lock. For a Book formed by a cross lock, the yarn position of each post is indirectly the same, and the odd 1, 3, 5 and even 2, 4, 6 posts are alternately locked, as shown in Figure 2. Because the movable needle jumps left and right when sewing, it is also called a jump lock.

752. what is the working principle of a machine cross lock?

answer: a machine cross lock is It consists of one movable threading needle (live sewing needle), two hook needles (one on the left and one on the right of the threading needle), and three needles (three needles) to form a group for sewing. The movable threading needle is driven by the pulling plate (needle feeding plate) to move left and right to transfer the yarn to the left and right hook needle, which is indirectly locked into a book

753. How many units does the automatic sewing machine consist of

answer: the automatic sewing machine is mainly composed of two units: a page setting machine and a sewing machine. The page setting machine is divided into two types: multi-component sewing machine and single component sewing machine

754. What is the working process of automatic sewing machine

answer: take up the page machine to store the stickers → suck the stickers → take out the stickers → block the stickers → divide the stickers → take up the stickers → send the stickers to the sewing machine → send the stickers to the sewing machine → align the stickers → paste the stickers → pierce the holes of the bottom needles → lead wires and thread threading → thread threading needle lead wires → hook claw (slide valve) with thread transmission → hook needle hook wire pull wires → coil binding → (thread cutting) unload the books separately, that is, the whole process of the automatic sewing machine is completed

755. What are the operation requirements of automatic sewing machine

answer: storage is the operation of placing the allocated books neatly in the storage bucket. Operation requirements: (1) before storage, it is required to check whether there are unqualified products such as excessive, insufficient and wrong stickers in the previous process, and check whether there are no 1.4 mechanical limit piston stroke protection devices are installed and stored neatly and smoothly in the bucket; (2) The height of the storage post shall be appropriate. It shall not be too high, nor shall it be connected to cause shutdown

the operation requirements of the automatic sewing machine are the same as those of the 731 and 732 central distribution machines, and will not be described here

756. What are the operation requirements of automatic sewing machine

answer: blocking refers to that the book Posts sent from holding the posts are blocked on the back gauge so that the posts can be divided correctly. Its operation requirements: (1) the height of the stop gauge should be adjusted properly to enable accurate separation of the posts; (2) The height of the stop gauge shall be parallel and consistent without deflection; (3) The fixing screws shall be tightened and shall not be moved or fallen off

757. What are the operation requirements of automatic sewing machine

answer: dividing the book refers to separating the book from the inside crease so that the book can be put on the tripod of collection. The operation requirements: (1) when the end of the steel wire rope is fixed and the rope clamp is adopted, the positions of the two parting suction nozzles shall be relatively accurate; (2) The air volume of the two suction nozzles shall be consistent with the suction and stop time; (3) When the sub post suction nozzle stops inhaling and releasing the post, it should be just the position where the book post is smoothly placed on the post collection tripod

758. What are the operation requirements of automatic sewing machine

answer: the most important effect in this aspect is that the book posts are separated and put on the triangle conveyor plate in the form of PageRank, so that they can be transferred to the sewing machine by the gauge chain. The operation requirements: (1) the position of the stitching should be accurate, and the book stitching should be exactly where the crease rides on the tripod; (2) The time of setting up the book should be accurate, and the book should just fall on the position slightly in front of the middle of the two stop gauge chains

759. What are the operation requirements for the automatic sewing machine to send the thread

answer: the post is sent by the post sending wheel. Its operation requirements: (1) the time and position of sending posts should be accurate, and the reciprocating swing of the sending posts and the stapling backup plate should be coordinated. When the backup plate (backup platform) is reset and the feeding chain plate frame is in the same linear position, it should be the time of sending posts; (2) The speed of sending the book should be adjusted according to the thickness and size of the book, not too fast, so that the book can be ejected or the whole book can appear; It is also not allowed to be too slow, which will cause the book to not be delivered in the past or in place, and the book to be incomplete, stuck, torn, etc; (3) The distance between the upper and lower feeding wheels should be appropriate. If the upper feeding wheel is too high (the distance is too large), it will not play the role of friction with the lower feeding wheel, and the book can not be sent out; The too low book post was pressed out by the feeding wheel, causing fracture and damage to the post

760. What are the positioning requirements for book posts

answer: there are two positioning rules for book posts: pull gauge and back stop gauge, which are respectively on the backup plate. Positioning requirements: (1) regular positioning shall be determined according to the length of books and periodicals, and its position shall match the position of each needle hole above; (2) The position of the pull gauge shall be subject to the fact that the pull tab can pull the book sticker in place; (3) The rear buffer gauge and the front pull gauge shall be on the same line; (4) After the front and rear rules are adjusted correctly, stop and observe whether they are correct. Only after they are correct, can you open the computer lockline

761. What are the operation requirements for automatic sewing bottom pinpricking

answer: (1) the position of the bottom needle should be correct with the position of the threading needle (sewing needle) and the crochet needle. When the sewing needle and crochet needle are lowered, they must be accurately pierced in the hole pierced by the bottom needle; (2) The upward movement position of the bottom needle shall be subject to the ability to tie through the folding seam of the book post, and shall not touch or collide with each needle above; (3) A row of bottom stitches shall be in a straight line, and the pierced eye hole shall not be skewed, but shall be accurately pierced on the crease

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